Hello, I’m Nina Serebrenick.

I’m a graphic designer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I passed by art schools in London and Amsterdam until I found love in Antwerp. 

Here, I studied at the Plantin Instituut voor Typografie and became a total type nerd: you’ll find me at conferences where other geeks like me will talk for days in a row about letters.

My passion goes beyond the 2-dimensional: I get a kick from feeling paper and testing different formats. My clients call me “paper hugger” - but I promise I’m friendly with people too.

Studio Boekenberg is my own little laboratory.  I’m fascinated by mixing different writing systems and playing with the way a reader navigates through the pages of a publication.

I design books, catalogues, folders -big and small - for publishers, magazines, cultural institutions and self-publishing authors.

I’ll take a briefing extremely serious and have that guide my design process.
Or like one of my clients says it: “I look back at it as a very nice and very professional collaboration. You searched for the "look & feel" I was looking for. For whom, why, what, ... the search departed from your great and tangible passion for the final tactile product. I immediately felt that this could not go wrong.”

Want to collaborate? Write me an e-mail or just call me on +32(0)471738418

Studio  Boekenberg

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